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07 Jan 2021 3 minute read

Looking back on 2020 with the JIB

The Electrotechnical JIB
Looking back on 2020 with the JIB

It is easy for an Annual Review to focus on the many problems 2020 brought to the electrical contracting industry. The speed and spread of Coronavirus made 2020 one of the most difficult years in living memory. Yet, the JIB responded quickly. 

It handled over 2,000 telephone calls and opened a Coronavirus Hub on the website, complementing the substantial advice and information available from both ECA and Unite. The Hub had almost 9,000 visits.  A series of newsletters updated members with developments and over 1,000 attendees took part in eight webinars.

The year saw several key appointments

The website is a vital source of information for JIB members. In 2020 the JIB Handbook was downloaded over 89,000 times and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme webpage had over 4,500 visitors.

The JIB continued to work hard to support its members with a comprehensive package of measures. The JIB Benefits Scheme benefitted over 130 employers from the reduced cost temporary furlough credit. This facility was extended to April 2021 in line with the Job Retention Scheme. 

Since 1968, when its disputes resolutions facility was set up, JIB has played a crucial role resolving industrial disputes. In 2020 JIB resolved over 100 disputes by way of pre-claim conciliation. 

The Annual Review highlights impressive statistics from the ECS

The year saw several key appointments. Sylvia Cashman and Sir Brendan Barber joined the JIB National Board as Public Interest Members. Phil Wilbraham was appointed as the new Chair of the ECS Steering Committee.

The Annual Review highlights impressive statistics from the ECS. Over 250 companies signed up to ECS Check. There are now 175,000 ECS cards registered in the UK. In an average week 1,400 ECS applications were received, most were turned around within two weeks.

During the year JIB also looked to the future. It strengthened its plans to attract the talent and promote the skills to deliver the UK’s ambitious green economic recovery, supported by the JIB’s Business Plan. The Plan aims to build on the longer-term strategic priorities of raising employment standards, achieving significant business growth and creating a safer built environment.

You can view the annual review - here.

For JIB membership enquiries please contact: 

Roger Horne:   01322 661612

The Electrotechnical JIB

The Electrotechnical JIB

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