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14 Feb 2024 2 minute read

Unlocking the Value of Employee Wellbeing

Unlocking the Value of Employee Wellbeing

In the ever-evolving landscape of operating a business, one fact stands tall: a flourishing workforce is the cornerstone of success. And what is the key to nurturing a thriving workforce? An unwavering commitment to put your employees’ well-being at the forefront of your management choices. 

When you prioritise your employees’ well-being, you kick-start a transformation that converts mundane workplaces into thriving centres of productivity. Absenteeism decreases, and employees become more emotionally and mentally invested in their work, resulting in heightened productivity.

A Thriving Workforce: The Key to Business Excellence

Employers who have invested in Private Medical Insurance (PMI) through ECIS already demonstrate a significant commitment to their employees’ health and well-being. 

By investing in PMI, your business not only ensures the well-being and swift recovery of your employees but also provides them with significant advantages. This includes expedited access to medical care, enabling timely treatment and a quicker return to work. Furthermore, the flexibility to choose when and where they receive specialised medical attention empowers your employees to take control of their healthcare decisions. 

Moreover, the ECIS PMI scheme extends beyond hospital treatment, offering additional services like the Babylon Digital GP service, which provides round-the-clock access to GPs with rapid appointment scheduling, and the Employee Assistance Programme, a confidential helpline supporting employees facing personal and work-related challenges. 

In return for that investment, employers benefit from a healthier, more engaged workforce. PMI can reduce absenteeism by providing timely access to healthcare, resulting in fewer sick days. It can also enhance employee morale and loyalty, increasing retention rates. Moreover, offering PMI can be a competitive advantage in attracting top talent and maintaining a positive workplace culture. When employees feel valued and supported in their well-being, they are more likely to be productive and motivated, contributing to the company’s success and growth.

To help you support your employees further, Bupa offers Health and Well-being Rewards within its PMI policies at no extra expense to your business. These rewards incentivise your team to focus on their well-being.

Unlocking Well-Being: PMI with Health and Wellbeing Rewards

To supercharge your commitment to employee well-being, Bupa unveils an array of Health and Well-being rewards seamlessly integrated into its PMI policies. Remarkably, these rewards come at no extra cost to your business. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill discounts and offers; they’re the catalyst for a well-being revolution within your team.

These rewards encompass an array of benefits:

Health Screenings: Grant your team access to regular health check-ups and screenings at reduced costs, empowering them to take control of their health proactively.

Discounted Dental Treatments: Ensure those smiles in your workforce remain radiant with discounted dental treatments, promoting both health and self-assuredness.

Gym Membership Discounts: Foster physical fitness and well-being with exclusive discounts on gym memberships, ensuring a healthier and more dynamic team.

Fitness Equipment Offers: Cultivate healthy habits with discounts on fitness equipment, including fitness trackers, to support your team in their journey towards wellness.

Sports Activities Booking Deals: Encourage an active lifestyle with special rates for sports activities, nurturing a culture that thrives on movement and vitality.

Savings on Family Days Out: Strengthen bonds among your team by facilitating enjoyable and cost-effective family outings, fostering well-rounded individuals.

Healthy Eating Discounts: Fuel well-being with discounts on healthier food choices, reinforcing your commitment to a balanced diet and overall wellness.

These benefits elevate your employees’ well-being while offering them invaluable cost-saving opportunities.

Making the Most of Bupa PMI Rewards

Remember that for all employers with Bupa PMI schemes, these invaluable Health and Well-being benefits are already included in your employees’ policies. Promoting these offerings to your employees will help everyone reap the rewards of employee well-being.

For businesses yet to embrace a PMI scheme through ECIS, seize the opportunity to support your workforce. The advantages extend beyond health; PMI can help improve the loyalty and productivity of your employees. 

An exclusive scheme for JIB members

The JIB Benefit Credit offers PMI coverage through Bupa, which is organised and managed by ECIS, a chartered insurance broker with extensive health and well-being sector. This PMI program has been serving JIB members for more than four decades. It offers various advantages to promote the well-being of your workforce and assist them in case of illness. Furthermore, it’s not limited to your field workers; you can also extend Bupa PMI coverage to your office-based employees.

If you’re thinking of a PMI policy for your office-based employees or would like ECIS to review your current arrangements, speak to the ECIS team on 0330 221 0241 or visit them at

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