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06 Sep 2023 2 minute read

The value of energy efficiency

The value of energy efficiency

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It is reported that demand flexibility service will be rolled out in November to pay households to cut their energy usage again this winter.

In light of this, David Williams, VP Transactional Business at Schneider Electric UK & Ireland, commented on the value of energy efficiency and how to achieve this in homes to save on energy bills:

Demand flexibility offers the opportunity to save money on energy by using it at quieter times. But households need to keep in mind that the cheapest energy is the type you don’t use. 

There are other ways to keep the cold out this winter and bills down. Insulation for example, can be a cost-effective solution to slash household bills and now’s the perfect season to invest in heat-retention and energy-efficient upgrades. 

Embracing smart thermostats and LED lighting can not only cut costs, but also help to ensure that homes comply with new building regulations, such as the grade C energy standards that come into effect in 2035.

Also consider consulting energy efficiency experts like the Energy Saving Trust on how to harness the potential of renewable energy and optimise your household's power. 

Modernising your consumer unit will prepare your home for future advancements like heat pumps, electric vehicle charging or solar panels. These are all worthwhile investments, so in addition to the demand flexibility service, you should find out what’s available in terms of grants and interest free loans to help save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Help is at hand.

Learn more about Schneider Electric products and services here.

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