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Energy & Environment
24 Apr 2023 2 minute read

ECA Commercial Associate Kosnic lights the way to sustainability

ECA Commercial Associate Kosnic lights the way to sustainability

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LED lighting is quickly becoming a leading lighting solution for many businesses due to its energy efficiency and environmental benefits. 

One area where LED lighting can make a significant impact is in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By adopting LED lighting, companies can reduce their energy usage and lower their carbon footprint, which can positively contribute to their CSR goals.

Lighting typically accounts for around 25% to 40% of a building’s energy usage. Kosnic’s LED lighting can dramatically reduce this, using between 50% and 90% less energy than traditional lamp types such as halogen, fluorescent or filament. This results in significant cost savings for businesses, making LED lighting an attractive option for those looking to improve their sustainability impact.

At Kosnic Lighting, we help our customers think differently about their lighting by showing them how the right choices can combat ever-increasing energy prices, reduce energy consumption, and lower carbon emissions. 

Kosnic Lighting has rapidly become a leading designer, manufacturer and established expert in emergency lighting, luminaires, LED lamps and bespoke lighting solutions since opening our doors in 2004. One of our core design philosophies is the Kosnic modular product design philosophy, which builds on a modular approach to lighting systems. This approach offers several benefits that align with CSR goals, resulting in the consumption of less natural resources. For our customers, it means a much simpler and easier to manage product range with a minimum number of SKUs.

Modular innovation

Let us take a practical example using one of most popular lamps, the Blanca, an IP65 bulkhead for LED DD lamps. Instead of designing, manufacturing, shipping, and stocking the equivalent of 409 sku’s or product variants to meet the market needs, the modular design delivers only 21 sku’s, resulting in a huge 93% reduction in materials used, stored and sold. This includes 3 options with an emergency module, 9 body styles, and 9 LED modules. By mixing and matching these components, it generates the 409 final sku variants. 

This approach also offers tremendous maintenance and service benefits, enabling a single component to be replaced if necessary versus replacing the whole unit, once again minimising resource utilisation.

Ultra high energy efficiency

What is the impact of using a Kosnic LED lighting solution in terms of cost and energy usage in these times of rising energy costs to the end customer?

As an example the Alden 18 watt LED Panel provides the same lighting output as a 30w LED equivalent panel, reducing energy usage by 66%. This results in a saving of £9.50 per year per fitting and a massive £163 over the typical lifetime usage (Based on estimated electricity costs @ 0.35p/unit from 1st October 2022.)

Our planet is currently facing many environmental challenges, and over the last few decades, the exploitation of planet resources has risen at an alarming rate. The recent 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) concluded with a historic decision to establish and operationalise a loss and damage fund. It is now more urgent than ever for all companies and individuals to take the necessary actions to protect our planet – for today and for future generations.

At Kosnic, we are passionate about innovating to design, manufacture, and install outstanding lighting solutions for our customers while minimising the utilisation of natural resources. We are proud to be known as the pioneer lighting experts developing easy-to-install, low-carbon, innovative, modular commercial solutions. 

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