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21 Sep 20201 minute read

CLC calls for construction stimulus

CLC calls for construction stimulus

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has written to the Government calling for a targeted set of six measures to further stimulate construction and boost economic recovery.

The six proposed measures include:

  • Supporting a net zero carbon retrofit program for existing homes
  • Ensuring vital building safety improvements are delivered
  • Funding to enable local regeneration programmes
  • Maintaining the UK as a global leader for digitalisation of the built environment
  • Ensuring skills capacity to match needs from planned investment programmes
  • Support for the housing sector in accordance with the ‘build back better and greener’ approach

CLC chair Andy Mitchell wrote in the letter: “We recognise that difficult decisions will have to be made, so have focussed on a small number of strategic interventions that we believe will drive growth while rebalancing opportunities and securing net zero carbon.

“Our recommendations form a package that will ensure employment for thousands of workers nationwide while building a better economy.”