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04 Jun 20201 minute read

B&CE exits occupational health market

B&CE exits occupational health market

B&CE, provider of Constructing Better Health (CBH) – an occupational health management scheme for the construction industry – has announced its plan to exit the occupational health market in construction.

It paused the build of a new, replacement system last year to re-assess its viability in the light of delays and rising costs, as the product became increasingly complex to deliver.

While a number of options to find a commercially viable way forward were explored, in the transformed economic environment of COVID 19 these options are no longer feasible, and B&CE has decided to stop building the new system.

The announcement also means the closure of CBH, which runs at a loss, would need heavy investment to upgrade, and demand for which has been in long-term decline.

What does this mean for customers of CBH? 

The CBH website and system will remain available to customers until 31 August. During this time, CBH customers will need to extract any data and reports from the system that they may need now, or in the future, using the report dashboard.

Data access

After 31 August, the CBH system will be closed and no longer accessible and members will no longer be able to use any of the CBH collateral.

Subscription payments

Any customers who have paid beyond 31 August 2020 may receive a pro rata refund.

What does this mean for occupational health in the construction industry

This doesn’t alter the occupational health and Health Surveillance requirements that construction contractors are required to fulfil. For information on these you can continue to access guidance on best practice for OHSPs and contractors from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The construction industry has come a long way in recognising that the health of their workers is just as important as their safety. We hope this work continues and will continue supporting it through B&CE charitable trust.

What services will B&CE continue to  provide for the construction industry?  

Alongside B&CE financial products and our accident and life cover, through The People’s Pension we’ll continue to provide a pension to hundreds of thousands of construction workers across the UK, with a fifth of TPP’s employer customers made up of construction companies. . 

B&CE Charitable Trust will continue to give back to the construction community, helping those suffering financial hardship, providing help for education and training, and awarding occupational health grants to help organisations work towards a safer construction industry for all.