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12 May 20201 minute read

ECAtoday is going digital during the summer

ECAtoday is going digital during the summer

Dear readers,

The coronavirus emergency has had a major financial impact on many printed magazines, including ECAtoday and some other familiar industry titles. As a result, ECAtoday will be going digital only during summer 2020, via the increasingly popular ECAtoday online.

ECAtoday online will be bringing you news, expert commentary, and high-quality articles now and throughout the rest of the summer. We invite all readers to view ECAtoday online here and save it to your screen so you can read new content daily from your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

We trust readers understand that exceptional challenges sometimes require exceptional measures and during the summer we will be further reviewing the situation as we go forward with ECAtoday.  However, our current aim is to return with a printed issue of ECAtoday magazine at the beginning of September.

Readers who have not yet seen the spring issue of the magazine are welcome to view the entire edition digitally here. The edition includes articles on the 1st Amendment of the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations (p.18), alternatives to SF6 gas (p.20), when and where to use SPDs (p.26), and much more.

We will be also be adding this content to on an ongoing basis, with recent additions including:

Meanwhile, we look forward to keeping you in touch with you via ECAtoday online, no matter where you are, in these highly challenging times.

From the ECAtoday team.