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16 Mar 20201 minute read

REA urges acceleration of net-zero policies

REA urges acceleration of net-zero policies

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has issued a series of ‘key asks’ for the Government to ‘unleash the full potential of the clean energy transition’. These include:

  • Implement ‘quick win policies’ and report on them at this year’s COP26 summit
  • Ensure the new Office for Environmental Protection has strong enforcement capabilities
  • Ensure that the Net Zero Strategy includes a detailed, funded and measurable roadmap to decarbonise heat, power and transport
  • Implement a more effective taxation system that protects ‘natural capital’

Dr Nina Skorupska, CEO of REA, commented, “I urge the Government and other key stakeholders to accelerate the changes necessary to create the market structures and regulation so that we can report that the UK is the leading destination for energy investment. Without clarity of regulatory structure, confidence will wane.”

The full report can be viewed here.


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