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13 Mar 20201 minute read

ECA comments on the 2020 Budget

ECA comments on the 2020 Budget

ECA, the leading electrotechnical and engineering services trade body, has responded to this week’s 2020 Budget announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

ECA Director of CSR Paul Reeve said:

“ECA is broadly supportive of the Government’s ambition to boost spending on infrastructure and clean growth. Major commitments to build new homes and boost broadband infrastructure, and to rollout a fast charging network for electric vehicles will support jobs and enhance the UK’s prosperity and productivity.

“However, the measures proposed for carbon emission reductions simply do not go far enough or move fast enough. For instance, there is no strong commitment to energy efficiency retrofitting and the proposed £100 million heat pumps grant scheme from 2022 is nowhere close to the level of funding required to roll this technology out across the country.”

ECA Director of Employment & Skills Andrew Eldred commented:

“ECA broadly supports the announcement of new spending on further education, adult retraining and T Levels. However, employers need to be actively involved to make sure this delivers value for money. A  review of how well the Apprenticeship Levy works for smaller employers is also welcome.

“However, if the Government’s ambitions for infrastructure, housing, net zero and 5G are to be realised, we need a major increase in engineering skills capacity. ECA will be working closely with Government and industry partners on this agenda."


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