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21 Feb 20201 minute read

Sir Robert McAlpine goes for net zero carbon by 2025

Sir Robert McAlpine goes for net zero carbon by 2025

Major builder and civil engineering firm Sir Robert McAlpine has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions within a remarkable five years, in its new sustainability strategy for 2020-2024.

The company’s sustainability strategy will focus on four key areas:

  • Becoming net zero carbon: where the Carbon Trust will third-party validate carbon reduction claims en route to 2025 and beyond;
  • Resource efficiency: including application of circular economy principles for projects, along with modern methods of construction (modularisation, offsite construction);
  • Ethical procurement: including responsible sourcing of building materials, to minimise environmental impact; and 
  • Social value: including partnership with the Social Profit Calculator to set targets, forecast, monitor and improve social value delivered by projects.

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