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07 Apr 20211 minute read

New network infrastructure ECS structure

New network infrastructure ECS structure

The Network Infrastructure industry has developed a new Occupational Qualification Structure leading to Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Card recognition, which aligns with the future of the industry and addresses the need to bring together the wide-ranging skills which exist in the current workforce.

Developed by an industry wide group formed of the ECA, JIB, SELECT, CNet Training and a large group of employers, the new Occupational Qualification Structure follows the launch of the Network Cable Installer Apprenticeship Standard. It sets the benchmark for new entrants to the market at Level 3 but also crucially addresses the need to recognise professionals currently in the workforce that already benefit from hands-on experience, previous education and training and industry recognised qualifications.

Formerly known as datacomms, the Network Infrastructure Industry covers the installation of data cabling, hardware and other devices which enable computing and communication between users, services and other networked applications.

From 1 July 2021 all card renewals will need to meet the requirements of the new Occupational Qualification Structure.

Andrew Eldred, Director of Employment and Skills at ECA, said: “The network infrastructure industry plays a vital role in the delivery of the Government’s desired ‘Digital Britain’ agenda. ECA is pleased to have been part of this very effective collaboration with CNet Training and industry employers and welcomes ECS’s recognition of the new occupational structure. 

“This represents a major leap forward towards the goal of an appropriately qualified workforce for the network infrastructure industry and will help ensure that installations will be high quality, safe and deliver improved outcomes for end users.”