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31 Mar 20211 minute read

Revolution in emergency call handling launches

Revolution in emergency call handling launches

ECHO (Electronic Call handling Operations Ltd) has officially launched with the announcement of the first two connected police forces: Essex Police and the Metropolitan Police.

Through ECHO, connected police forces receive automated alerts from Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) direct to their despatchers. 

ECA’s Technical Director Mike Smith, also a Director of ECHO, provided an in-depth look at the system and how it can cut blue light emergency response times and reduce false alarms. Read more here.

The automated system avoids the risk of miscommunication. Initial police estimates show a saving of up to four minutes in response times, which in intruder and other situations could make a crucial difference to emergency outcomes.

Chief Superintendent Ewen Wilson, Head of Contact Management Command, Essex Police said, “From the outset we have been at the forefront of the transition from existing telephone call handling of alarm activations to a modern, fully automated solution providing tangible benefits, including the reduction of call handling demands and police response times. 

“Having been the first police force in the UK to successfully test and adopt the new process, we have every confidence in the delivery of this new automated service.  After careful consideration, Essex Police are now giving notice to registered ARCs that we expect them to become ECHO-connected by 1st October 2021 in order to retain police response for verified alarm activations of Intruder and Hold-Up Alarm Systems.”