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25 Mar 20211 minute read

Actuate UK urges Wales to support supply chain

Actuate UK urges Wales to support supply chain

Actuate UK, the engineering services alliance, has urged all political parties in Wales to include in their manifestos measures to support the Welsh construction sector. The proposals in the Actuate UK manifesto align with the key asks of the Wales Construction Federation Alliance [WCFA]. A strong, resilient and growing Welsh construction industry will contribute towards future infrastructure and housing needs. In turn this will increase economic growth in Wales, while working to reduce its carbon footprint.  

Actuate UK calls for a clear vision from the future Welsh Government to drive change in the country’s construction sector. With a joined-up infrastructure strategy and its power as a public procurer, Government can assist businesses in adopting changes in industry practices. Recovery from the pandemic will depend on a steady pipeline of work and good cashflow, both of which are vital for the survival if small and medium sized business. 

Actuate UK’s manifesto is based on WCFA’s 6 priories areas Pipeline, Procurement, Payment, Planning, Skills Decarbonisation, and asks include:

  • A clear 10-year vision for construction in Wales, including targets and infrastructure plans.
  • Increased funding for construction vocational education and a clear approach to shared apprenticeships.
  • Focus on value, not cost, in public sector investment and incorporate carbon impact in all public procurement.
  • Ensure fair payment across supply chains and report performance on public sector contracts, including application of Project Bank Accounts.
  • Ensure retention monies are held in an independently operated deposit scheme.
  • Review the planning system to ensure it encourages and is proportionate to Small and Medium sized developers.
  • Increase investment in decarbonising existing infrastructure and housing. And introduce whole life costing criteria, including embedded carbon, into all investment.
  • Support the sector in decarbonising construction operations using CITB Net Zero research.

Michelle Morgan-LoughmanActuate UK Wales Representative said:

“The engineering services in Wales want to play their part in supporting growth and delivering social value in Wales by creating better infrastructure and homes, delivering value for the public purse as well as achieving zero carbon. We are looking forward to working with the future Welsh Government in achieving these while supporting the sector’s economic growth and jobs.”

You can read the Actuate UK Manifesto Proposals here