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25 Mar 20211 minute read

Report highlights green energy disparities in UK

Report highlights green energy disparities in UK

A new report published by MCS, titled Renewing Britain, highlights disparities in Britain’s uptake of small-scale renewables over the past 14 years. 

Since 2008, MCS has registered 1.2 million installations of the five major renewable energy technologies, generating 34,000GWh-plus of energy, and saving nearly 10 million tonnes of CO₂e – equivalent to the electricity consumed annually by 9.65 million homes.

Ian Rippin, chief executive officer of MCS, commented: “Domestic renewables have come a long way since 2008, when just 43 installations were made. The wealth of data at our disposal that we’ve distilled into this report paints an invaluable picture of the past to help inform our current path to net-zero. 

“The data speaks for itself: Britain is a divided country when it comes to the investment in small-scale renewables, with myriad factors affecting uptake. True change is happening at a local authority level; something which central government should learn from.”

The report also identifies commonalities in areas where small-scale renewables are particularly prevalent or scarce – creating ‘forests’ or ‘deserts’ of renewable technologies.

For instance, the findings show that Cornwall is a leader for solar energy, with almost 20,000 Solar PV installations to date. The county generates 37 per cent of its electricity from renewables; almost double that of Wiltshire, which has the second highest rate of Solar PV in Britain.

The full Renewing Britain report can be viewed here