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09 Mar 20211 minute read

CLC launches CO2nstruct Zero

CLC launches CO2nstruct Zero

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC), of which ECA is a key member, has launched CO2nstruct Zero, a new industry change programme designed to drive carbon out of all parts of the construction sector, from manufacturing and design to construction and operation of assets.

A statement from the CLC reads, “The construction industry must come to terms with the impact of the built environment on the climate.

“The last year has shown the incredible things that we are capable of when we work together, responding to Covid-19 and keeping our industry working safely and effectively.

“[CO2nstructZero] is a bold and ambitious plan, laying out the priorities to deliver a fundamental change in the sector.

“We’ve done so because we recognise the need, now more than ever, for a huge programme of industry change over the next decade and beyond.

“The CLC’s role is not to develop new solutions, roadmaps or new pathways – there are many groups in the industry well placed to do this – but we believe that the CLC does have a critical role to play in bringing people together to consolidate collective actions and plans for the sector. We can help drive change by helping to share innovative solutions and set transparent goals and clear actions that everyone can help to achieve.”

Find out more about CO2nstruct Zero by clicking here