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29 Jan 20211 minute read

TfL asks construction to cycle to work

TfL asks construction to cycle to work

Transport for London has urged construction firms to encourage workers to travel to site by bike if possible, to ease overcrowding on public transport.

TfL is now asking construction employers to help ensure social distancing can be maintained by:

  • Staggering shifts and/or changing operating hours to help your workforce avoid travelling during the busiest times on the network (06:00 to 08:00 and 16:00 to 17:30). Working with local planning authorities to change site operating hours further if necessary
  • Coordinating with neighbouring major sites to stagger operating times or workers’ shift times, to reduce the overall numbers using local public transport stations and services during the busiest times
  • Allocating those shifts starting and finishing around busy travel times to workers who can walk or cycle to and from work. Enhancing the facilities you offer, such as lockers, showers and cycle storage, can enable more of your workforce to walk and cycle all or part of their journey to site.

For full details of the latest guidance click here.