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04 Dec 20201 minute read

PM announces ambitious new climate target

PM announces ambitious new climate target

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new, ambitious target to cut carbon emissions to 68 per cent of 1990 levels by 2030 – faster than any major economy so far.

The announcement comes ahead of a virtual climate summit on December 12 marking five years since the Paris Climate Agreement.

Johnson said on Thursday (December 3), “We have proven we can reduce our emissions and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process. We are taking the lead with an ambitious new target to reduce our emissions by 2030, faster than any major economy.”

He added, “This is a global effort, which is why the UK is urging world leaders to bring forward their own ambitious plans to cut emissions and set net zero targets.”

Paul Reeve, ECA Director of CSR, said, “This is a remarkable new UK carbon reduction target and we trust the long-awaited Energy White Paper will soon set out policies for further decarbonising the grid with more renewables and smart grid systems and enabling the roll-out of electric vehicle charging.

“However, simply announcing new low carbon commitments is not enough. We need to get the PM’s recently announced 10 Point Plan moving, and there is less than a decade to deliver a hugely decarbonised UK that will support hundreds of thousands of green jobs, including many thousands of skilled engineering services jobs, throughout the economy.”

ECA recently launched a series of short videos highlighting concrete actions the electrotechnical industry can take to help meet the government’s climate targets. Watch these and learn more here.