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18 Nov 20201 minute read

ECA launches Get Zero Carbon Done website

ECA launches Get Zero Carbon Done website

Following the Government’s launch of a 10-point plan to tackle climate change, ECA has launched its Get Zero Carbon Done website.

The site, accessible at, includes three short animations on key routes to reducing carbon emissions and reaching Net Zero Carbon by 2050. The videos highlight essential areas where the electrotechnical sector can contribute greatly to UK decarbonisation and upskilling.

In response to the PM’s 10-point plan, ECA’s director of CSR Paul Reeve said, “The Prime Minister’s plan signals a substantial downpayment on green economic recovery and the UK’s ultimate goal of net zero carbon. We particularly welcome the plan to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles. This will cut carbon emissions, improve local air quality and help to create the skilled, green jobs needed to install the UK’s charging infrastructure.

“However, we should take every opportunity to further decarbonise the UK grid, so we are disappointed that the plan does not also support onshore wind, which is already one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy available.”

Luke Osborne, ECA energy and emerging technologies solutions advisor, added, “We must ensure that low carbon installation is carried out by a suitably trained and competent workforce. This means practically useful and properly scoped training for new entrants, notably in the form of apprenticeships, but also for the very much larger cohort of existing installers who also need to upskill for the low-carbon economy.

“In order for Net Zero Carbon 2050 to be achievable, full support and commitment for the necessary skills is needed by both Government and industry. Long term market confidence and policy direction is also vital to give companies surety and enable them to invest in their workforce.”