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12 Nov 20201 minute read

World first liquid air plant

World first liquid air plant

The world’s first liquid air storage plant is set to be built in the UK.

The system will be used to support renewable energy sources by using surplus energy generated by wind turbines to compress and store air in liquid form at -196 degrees Celsius.

During periods of peak energy demand, the liquid air will be warmed, expanding and driving turbines to produce electricity.

Although the system is less efficient than current energy storage batteries, the low cost of building and running the liquid air storage plants means they can be easily scaled up.

Peter Dearman, a self-taught inventor from Hertfordshire who developed the liquid air technology, said to the BBC, “We need many different forms of energy storage - and I'm confident liquid air will be one of them.”

“Batteries are really great for short-term storage. But they are too expensive to do long-term energy storage. That's where liquid air comes in.”